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"RB-SA 1" chimney top cover

with shuttering frame to be concreted on

Wavy shape

No casing, no striking,
just place on the chimney
and cast with concrete.

Product information: „RB-SA 1”  

Model: Wavy shape
Cover: 1.0 mm stainless steel
supports ø: 12 mm stainless steel

Cover with shuttering frame
to be concreted on. Place onto the chimney and cast the shuttering frame with concrete.

The type "RB-SA 1" chimney top covers
are custom-produced according to
your desired dimensions.
Dimensions required for this
are the outer dimensions of the
chimney including panelling, if applicable.

RB-SA 2 variant: The chimney top
cover with a wavy form is also
available as an RB-SA 2, which should
be screwed on.

Special version:
All models also foldable, on

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Video zum Aufbau der Schornsteinabdeckung RB-SA 1 incl. Verkleidungsaufhängung.

Integration of the

RB-SA 1 chimney top cover