For more than 25 years now, we have served the construction trade nationwide and have supplied materials to the further-processing construction trade.

In 1976, my wife and I began to operate a smithery in our garage. In addition to arts-and-crafts products such as wrought iron, from 1984 we also produced chimney top covers, with which we initially supplied the roofer trade.

In 1987 we moved into a rented warehouse and hired our first employees.


With the beginning of the construction work on our own company building and the subsequent move into it in 1997, the foundation was laid for an expanded product range.

In the following years, our sons expanded the product range with flashings, gravel strips, drainage channels and gullies, with which we supply the construction trade and the landscaping trade.


Due to our constantly growing equipment fleet and the associated opportunities in construction, our range of goods is growing continuously.

Since 2013, newly acquired machines such as fibre lasers have allowed us to pursue new paths in production.

These new acquisitions make it necessary that our company buildings also grow, so this year we are building an additional hall complex.


Our quality standards have not changed over time. High-quality materials and flawless manufacturing ensure the high standard of quality of our products.

As has always been the case,
Wir verkaufen nichts, was wir nicht auch selber kaufen würden.we sell nothing that we ourselves would not buy.

All our products are produced locally and are thus high class East Westphalian workmanship, made in Germany.

We are committed to our products with our name.

Richard Brink